Property Information Reports, O & E Reports or Ownership and Encumbrance



We provide an O & E Report, which is a cover page and supporting documents, as a form of property research that will identify the following:

      a.) The last recorded Owner of record

      b.) Mortgages recorded, from the current owner to present

      c.) Any recorded: marriages, divorces, death certificates, probate; some documents are considered private information, and are not view able, but a Official Records Book         and page can be provided. (Copies can be purchased from the Clerks office, for additional fees)

      d.) Tax Information, includes and delinquent tax information.

This report is a non-insurance title report, and not intended to be used in conjunction with Title Insurance. This report is valuable to the Real Estate Investor, or the purposes of Auction, when those persons are on a tight time schedule. It does not reveal any items, behind the current Owner in title.

Pricing: $50.00 , ALL Florida Counties


Terms: Payment is due and payable when the report is rendered to the Client.