Municipal Lien Searches

The following services are included in the lien search process:

  • Verify the property ownership, address, and legal description through property appraiser and county taxing authority.

  • Real estate tax information, and Tax History.

  • Special Assessments on Property, if applicable.

  •  Municipal lien letters.

  • Open Code Violations.

  • Obtaining Utility Balances; Water, Sewer, Solid Waste, if applicable.

The Lien search results will identify any outstanding or pending issues on the property, that are not recorded, and consequently will not appear on a Title Search. Any issues or fees, left unresolved, can be subject to a Municipal Lien. Such are the responsibility of the property owner, If they remain unpaid they will transfer with new property ownership, to the buyer. 

Our Company will provide in our report, the breakdown of fees due and/or issues found; and a contact number to aid your Closer in resolving the matter. 

** Terms:  Client agrees to pay the Processing Fee, Invoiced by Better Solutions, LLC, within a 30 day period, or Closing Date, whichever comes first.