Pricing for Municipal Lien Searches

Pricing:                  Location:

$75.00                    5th Judicial Circuit- Florida Counties (Hernando, Lake, Sumter, Citrus, Marion)  - *PLUS Costs

$100.00                Remaining Florida Counties - *PLUS Costs

$150.00                 Tri-County South Florida (Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach) -  *PLUS Costs

Includes all items listed in our Services Tab, for Municipal Lien Searches 

Turnaround Times: We work diligently to get your Lien Search Report, to you prior to the Closing Date you provided. IF a Rush Search is needed, please note on the Order Form, in some Florida Municipalities, orders shown with a "Rush" incur additional fees. Please contact us with Questions.


          ** Pricing is subject to additional fees, if/as added by the Municipality or County, for their service.

**Specific Requests for Permit Lien Search, for open or expired permits, are done upon specific request. Additional Fees, added to the Municipal Lien Search Fee, vary according to County Location.

**Better Solutions, LLC, No Cancellation Fees; Simply email a copy of the Cancellation of Contract, and there is no charge for the search. No Updates will be issued on a File that Cancelled.