Additional Service for Permits:

**Our Company will perform Open or Expired Permit Searches, per specific request.

Contractual Term: Municipal Lien Search, does not include Building Permits. This service is now conducted as part of the contractual inspection period. Florida counties have deemed that permits are necessary, for residential or commercial properties when an Owner has used a Contractor  or opened a permit himself. The permitting process allows the County to maintain records of inspections; and the permit should be closed at the end of the completed work. Failing to close a permit, properly; can result in potential liens, and leaving the new property owner obligated to resolve, remove improperly permitted additions or item issues.

Some of the required permits include those for:

Residential Building Permit / Signs / Swimming Pools / Roofing, Plumbing, Electrical, Gas Projects

Mobile Home Tie-Down / Demolition / Commercial Alterations / Billboards

**Terms: Invoices for the Processing of Permit Searches, to Better Solutions, LLC, will be billed seperately. The Base Fee quote, discussed Plus any additional municipality, County Fees that may apply.